Home learning program

All Home Learning Programs for privately paying families begin with an initial assessment.  At this assessment, we meet with your family to discuss your specific concerns and utilize a brief questionnaire to help us fully understand your child’s developmental progress.  Our therapist will interact with your child and will provide your family with a summary of any developmental concerns, goals, and specific recommendations to reach those goals. Additional information provided to your family might include behavior charts, picture cards for transition times and specific tasks or other visual aids, suggestions for teachers, and specific resources for your child’s needs.

For those circumstances where parents have concerns about their child’s reaching of specific milestones, Learning Connections Unlimited is proud to offer private consultation services.  As professionals, our company respects your wishes for discreet services.  We offer you techniques, strategies, and enhancement activities to help your child reach that developmental goal, right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Screenings and Assessments

HELP Hawaii Early Learning Profile
It is the most frequently used, family centered curriculum based assessment tool. We utilize this tool to provide information on your child’s development through all domains. This will provide more information with where your child is developmentally and what comes next. It includes a one hour session, report with suggested strategies, and follow-up conversation. $75

Denver 11
The Denver Developmental Screening Test is the most widely used test for screening developmental problems in children. It’s a brief screening used to determine if a child’s development is within a normal range. The scale reflects what percentage of a certain age group is able to perform a certain task. $20 individually scheduled rate $15 group scheduled rate


Presentations and workshops

Autism:  overview of characteristics, model for intervention
The PLAY (play and language for autistic youngsters) project overview: description of developmental, intensive intervention for children with autism
Sensory Integration: description, simulation examples, strategies & suggestions, resources
Fostering Social Emotional Development: description, developmental milestone, strategies & suggestions, resources
Using Sign Language to promote communication: basic signs, how to use in the classroom, strategies & suggestions, resources
Child Development: developmental milestones broken down by age and domain, strategies & suggestions, resources
Behavior/discipline:  developmental milestones, strategies & suggestions, resources
Playing with a purpose: focusing on the importance of playing at the right level
Diagnosed disabilities:  characteristic of disabilities, developmental milestones, strategies & suggestions, resources
Activities for Infants and Toddlers:  activities for home and classroom, developmental milestones, strategies & suggestions, resources
Fostering speech development: description, developmental milestone, strategies & suggestions, resources
Abnormal Development: warning signs, strategies & suggestions, resources
Make and Take: make games and activities for parents or teachers to foster development, including which skills are being worked on and how to challenge children
If there is a topic that is not included in the list above, we can still customize a workshop or presentation to fit your needs.

Feel free to contact me to discuss those possibilities